Monday, March 25, 2013

Just my two cents on this shit

What Stonesourwolf did wasn’t cool. But stating her url in a tweet just invites a lot of bullying and bashing. And for anyone who says “He didn’t write he didn’t say it’s from tumblr don’t blame him blahblah” u r dumb because a fucking child can find a fucking blog by doing a fucking google search of a name.

So I also think it was not cool for Tyler to tweet her url. People still would’ve found her blog without his help. It was unnecessary. He knows how batshit some Teen Wolf fans can be. He knew what he was doing. Like I said, he was just inviting a lot of bullying and bashing by doing that.

I’m probably so unimpressed because I see this shit all the time when it comes to One Direction. I know shit like that results in people getting death threats, and strangers telling them to kill themselves. It’s fucking ridiculous.

But that’s just my opinion. He probably did it out of anger, whatever, we’re all human. Wouldn’t expect him to be perfect, but I expected more from him. Not impressed. OH WELL, MOVING ON.


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